Pad wrap is an all-in-one solution to changing the color of your equipment. For goalie gear, we offer a thinner form of the synthetic leather material used to make goalie equipment. It comes with an adhesive backing to allow you to cut and stick the material anywhere you need to change the color or make a quick repair. It is fully removable but won't come off before you want it to! For the nylon/fabric sections of your pads we offer nylon wrap as well in a large variety of colors.

The possibilities are endless. Playing for a new team and need to change your pad color scheme? No problem. Want to add some pink to your setup for cancer awareness month? We have you covered. Want to bring in some retro tan for that vintage look? It's easy with Pad Wrap.


Two great new products are here! Vertical Retro Stitched Pad Wrap and Slick Sheets UHMW Plastic for Inline goalies!

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The use of Pad Wrap products are at your own risk. Philly Sports Customs is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the adhesive, suggested installation materials or tools to any of the user’s equipment, belongings or person. While they are rare, there may be situations where there is difficultly removing some of the remaining adhesive. Please see our application and removal section for steps to remove our product or contact us at brian@phillysportscustoms.com.